Don’t Sell Your Marketing Short: Create a Great Offer!

BAB_2014Mar27-Creating-a-Great-Direct-Mail-Offer_IMAGEThe offer. It’s the backbone of a good direct mail campaign, and it’s what your recipients are looking for in the direct mail you’re sending them. That being said, creating that “great offer” may be easier said than done.

We decided that we’d pull back the direct mail marketing curtain and reveal some of our insider knowledge about what will make consumers redeem your offer over the competition’s. Implement these secret tips-of-the-trade for dynamite direct mailers that are sure to grow your business.

Make your offer appropriate
When deciding on your offer, keep your audience in mind. Make sure that your offer is appropriate for your target demographic by featuring your primary, or most popular, product or service. It should also only require a purchase amount that is at or below the typical ticket average for your customers.

Beyond your audience, your offer needs to be a fit for your business, as well, which means aligning with your industry. For example, some business offers work better as a % discount, like restaurants, while others have better redemption with a $ amount reduced, like comedy clubs or other entertainment venues.

Clearly state the value
What will your offer do for your customers? Approach your value proposition with a goal of telling a story. Think about how customers will benefit from saving money on your product, and what effect that could have on their life. When you tell the story, steer clear of clever, cute or corny, and instead, use persuasive language that portrays the value in a crystal clear manner. Also, make sure you put those savings into context of the original price. You can’t assume the recipient knows the regular listed price.

Place the offer in a prominent position
No matter how good the offer is, you want to make sure it is the feature of your direct mail piece. Give your special offers the front row seat. Typically, this position is located on the front side in the top section of your layout or even the top right hand corner. A prominent position means your offer will stand out starting at the moment the recipient looks at the direct mailer.

Include supporting offers to encourage repeat visits
When you craft your direct mail campaign, consider adding multiple offers to one mailer. After featuring your primary offer in the prominent position, add a supporting offer or two that encourages repeat visits after your customer redeems the main offer. This becomes even more important if your main offer is for a free product or service.

Always make sure you’re pouring time and effort into crafting that great offer. After all, the type of offer you use, and how it’s presented, helps create consumer acceptance and trust. That means new and loyal customers coming to your business over the competition.

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