8 Reasons Mail Succeeds in a Digital Age

I suppose information on why mail is still a relevant medium from the POST OFFICE is much like information from Dairy Farmer’s on the nutritional benefit’s of milk in that the cream will always rise to the top – oops punny! Have you ever seen a bad stat from the USPS on mail? – I haven’t. But maybe, just MAYBE that is because direct mail really is the viable marketing channel we keep saying it is.

I am sharing this information for the Print & Marketing people who are reading this to pass it along to your clients and such who have either reduced their volume or jumped on the email express and dumped DM from their budgets. I pulled out the 8 reasons, but there is information that accompanies each you can see by clicking the link below.

1. Mail Is Tangible / 2. Mail Integrates Well / 3. People Like Opening Mail / 4. There’s Less Competition in Direct Mail / 5. Mail Builds Loyalty / 6. Mail Is More Sophisticated Now / 7. Mail Helps You Target / 8. Mail Delivers Results

One or more of those should make a compelling argument not to disregard this marketing channel, should the need for a compelling argument arise!

Staying Power of Mail: 8 Reasons Mail Succeeds in a Digital Age

by Allan Nahajewski

…A recent study by ExactTarget, an international company that specializes in interactive marketing, helps illustrate direct mail’s continued relevance. The survey asked consumers to indicate how they would like to receive 11 different types of messages. A headline in ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel Preference Survey screams the results: “DIRECT MAIL LIVES!”

Survey Echoes Recent Research

The ExactTarget study gathered detailed input from 1,481 consumers of all ages on how they prefer to receive various types of information. The choices:

• E-mail • Direct mail • Telephone • Text messaging • Mobile app • Social media

Out of 11 different categories of marketing messages, direct mail was chosen as the most acceptable means of communication in four categories, tied with e-mail as most acceptable in two others, and came in a close second behind e-mail in another four categories.

According to the survey, 65 percent of consumers have made a purchase as a result of a direct mail piece. The survey report provided the following analysis: “In the face of always-on channels like e-mail, SMS and social networks, consumers appreciate direct mail’s tangibility, flexibility and once-a-day pace. It also remains the only channel where unsolicited messages are acceptable to a majority of consumers.”

Link to original article

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