Direct Mail Marketing vs Other Marketing mediums

With all the different advertising mediums available today it’s difficult to choose the right medium to reach your target market, offer the best ROI and stay with-in the budget.

I am a small business owner and I’m looking to get a better idea on where the best mediums(s) to spend our marketing dollars and efforts for the best results.  Our business is an E-commerce business reselling Printers and Consumer Electronics products (GT Printing and Electronics).

I have created a poll and added a wide variety of advertising platforms.  Please choose all the mediums you are currently spending your time and budget on.  If you use another medium please add it.

Your comments are also encouraged.  What industry do you work in?  Which mediums worked or are currently working best for your business?  Which were not a return on investment.  I am curious to hear different success and not so success marketing experiences.

I appreciate you taking the time and any advice.



About PaulTheSalesGuy

Sales and Marketing professional. Self driven entrepreneur. Father (My favorite job) and family man. Sports fan and I enjoy the outdoors.
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