Creating a new Facebook Company Page

Today I am starting to create my first Facebook Company page and I wanted to make note of it to document my success.  I have been using several different social media platforms for business over the past year and now I am going to try my luck with the new look Facebook Fan Page for a new business I’m launching in April 2013.

I have already experienced the power of marketing for professionals using the LinkedIn platform and now have 1200+ first degree connections in my network.  I am now buying into the hype of Facebook and looking forward to taking advantage of their marketing platform.

The questions I’m have about marketing on Facebook are:

  • How do you reach your target market without a large advertising budget?
  • Are friends usually alright with writing personal and professional posts on your profile?
  • How many likes do you need to be a power company?
  • Where are the target SEO features with-in the platform?
  • Will I get the ROI on time invested?

I’d be very interested to hear your experiences and advice using the Facebook Fan Page ….

About PaulTheSalesGuy

Sales and Marketing professional. Self driven entrepreneur. Father (My favorite job) and family man. Sports fan and I enjoy the outdoors.
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