Twitter Business Marketing: 9 Tips to Get You Started

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows you to update your world and helps you stay in touch with new prospects — and it’s arguably one of the best and largest social networking sites in the world today. I’m an addicted Twitter user and I’m glad to be one because Twitter alone has won me several business opportunities.

The power is Twitter is immeasurable and you can only get the best of it if you go about it the right way. The reason that some companies and perceptive online executives don’t get results with Twitter is because they don’t understand how the community works. I’ve been a victim of this before, I know how it feels when you put in your best into something, and the results are not forthcoming.

But I’m not here to sympathize with you; rather, I’m here to give you some Twitter marketing tips that’ll make your Twitter marketing campaign a success!

1. Be Smart: Import Your Contacts and Start Following Them

Twitter allows its users to important contacts from Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. What are you waiting for? Import your contacts and start following them.

2. Brand Your Profile

Fill in all the necessary fields, and personalize your Twitter page to match your company’s brand. Include your website URL and ensure you add keywords you want to rank for.

Pro tip: I won a writing gig via Twitter last year. And it wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t utilize my keywords in the profile section. You could win new clients and convert potential clients into regular customers if you apply this tip in your Twitter marketing campaign.

3. Make It Worthwhile to Follow You

Don’t tweet “Huh! I just finished eating snacks” or ”I just woke up.” You may be thinking you’re doing the right thing for your business, but you’re destroying it. Tweet inspirational and interesting things. Make it worthwhile to follow you. Put yourself in the position of others and ask yourself ”Is this something I love or would be interested in?”If your message doesn’t bring value or impact the life of the reader, don’t tweet it. Simple!

4. Imitate the Best, Stay Away From the Foolish Ones

You can only be successful if you imitate successful people. There’s no way you can be smart and brilliant if you work with block-head folks–you can become vibrant and intelligent if you move with smart people. The same rule also applies to Twitter. If you want to get the most from your Twitter campaign, follow Twitter users with thousands of followers and learn from them. Try to find what they did that you’re not doing.

5. Build Your Followership

The quickest way to get results with Twitter is by building your followers base. Invite people to follow you every time you post on your blog. At the conclusion of your posts, encourage people to add you on Twitter and share your posts. You’d be surprised at how many followers you’ll get in a week!

6. Follow People in Your Niche

This is surely the best way to gets results from your Twitter marketing efforts. Search for Twitter users in your niche and follow them. See who’s following them and follow them back. They’ll follow you back as well. It’s only a matter of days.

7. Be a Viral Twitter User

Put ”add me or follow me on Twitter’’ on your forum signature, blog, business cards and website. Do all you can to get people to follow you. Be a viral Twitter marketer! And utilize twitter directories: Justtweetit and Twellow are two great Twitter directories that allow you to find members that interest you.

8. Understand the Game and Play According to the Rules

You need to play to the game. The following are Twitter rules you must adhere to if you want to grow your followers:

Don’t tweet every 5 minutes–it’d look stupid. It’s unprofessional and may cost you a lot in the long run.

Be careful with those you follow–follow active users.

Be active. Spark up a conversation with someone and ensure you tweet insightful and interesting things. Tweet posts and comment about others.

Don’t spam others about your offers–it looks unprofessional. Rather than do that, pay for an advert.

9. Reply to Tweets Often

Don’t promote your product, company, or service directly. Do it professionally. For example, if you’re a web content writer, write a guide on how business owners can benefit from quality and engaging web contents. Write it like as a blog post and Tweet it. You’ll be surprised at the response you’d get.

Your turn!

How do you promote your business with Twitter? We’re all here to learn. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Link to origonal artice: Twitter Business Marketing: 9 Tips to Get You Started


Great advice for beginners and all tips I personally use to grow and engage with my followers!


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